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Supporting the design, development and delivery of projects which promote sustainable economic growth

Energy Transition

MKA Economics has led the Socio-economic, Tourism and Recreation Assessment of various energy transition investments, including wind proposals, pumped storage hydro, green hydrogen, anaerobic digestion, solar arrays, battery storage and grid investments.

Strategy Formulation

MKA Economics has led a range of strategy formulation exercises, including developing a new Rural Community Led Vision 2024-2027 for Aberdeenshire and a series of Economic Development Plans (2024-2029) for seven harbours across Aberdeenshire.

Economic Impact

MKA Economics is a leading economic impact specialist, assessing the impact of a range of businesses and investments, and recently this has included PS Waverley, BlackRock, Port of Nigg, Mallaig Harbour, Vault City Brewing, Highland Park and Aberdeen Football Club.

In the news

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the key role you played when giving evidence to the Court. When I did the same it definitely didn’t feel like just another day at the office. Despite this you performed with aplomb and the result reflects the highly professional approach you took. The evidence you gave was of course the distillation of months of economic studies and evidence building. Given the successful planning determination, defence of the same in a JR, review by the Scottish Government and now a successful Land Court outcome your work has stood the test of some exceptional scrutiny. It was of course on this test that your EIA was so crucial to demonstrate. So, thank you for all your inputs to the Court, it is greatly appreciated by all of us here at HIE.
David Oxley, Space Hub Sutherland, Director of Strategic Projects, HIE